Eco-88 refill

Eco-88 refill


I received a bottle of Eco-88 in a basket at a Raffle.  I didn't think much of it until my dog threw up on the carpet, yuck!  I sprayed some Eco-88 on the stain and returned a few minutes later with my shampooer only to discover that the stain was completely gone!  Not a trace was left!  Since then I've also discovered that Eco-88 is the best urine odor remover that I have ever used, and best of all, there is no strong perfumey scent to cover up the remaining odor, because there is no remaining odor!

Until now, most stain and odor treatments available to pet owners have been enzyme type products. It has been proven that enzymes work only in the most ideal of conditions. Eco-88 is not an enzyme, or just another spot remover.  With the utilization of oxygen, Eco-88 tears down the odor causing gas molecules to elemental compounds that have no odor, therefore, removing both stains and odors regardless of the condition. Eco88 requires no scrubbing, rinsing or blotting.  Just spray Eco-88 on stain and watch those stains and odors disappear like magic. Removes both stains and odors caused by urine, feces, vomit and  blood; from carpets, upholstery, bedding, and other washable fabrics. 

Eco-88 is completely odorless, non-staining, non-toxic and safe to use around pets, children and plants.   It contains no bleaches, and is environmentally friendly.  Made in the USA.  1 gallon refill.

Note:  This item is almost always significantly cheaper to ship via a large Flat Rate box, and if purchasing more than one 5 lb jar, two will fit in the same box for the same shipping fee.  If shipping via a Flat Rate box is less expensive that your shipping charge we will refund the savings to your account.