Shippable Raw Diets

Shippable Raw Diets

No raw food dealers near you? Don't despair, BarfWorld patties can be shipped directly to you!  BarfWorld ships its products packed in dry ice in styrofoam containers and guarantees that your order will arrive solidly frozen.

BarfWorld raw diets are 100% grain-free and are made up of raw meat, organs, ground bone, vegetables & fruit.  These ingredients are minimally processed and never cooked to preserve the natural nutrients and enzymes.   Produced in a USDA inspected facility, this product must meet the same health standards as food produced for human consumption.   Minimal supplementation is implemented to meed AAFCO requirements for a balanced diet.  This diet is formed into square patties for convenient feeding.  The square shape takes up less space in your freezer.  Twelve 8 oz patties per 6 lb. package.  Made in the USA.

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