Wondercide Flea & Tick Control for Yard + Garden, 32 oz

Wondercide Flea & Tick Control for Yard + Garden, 32 oz


This natural lawn & garden pest control comes ready to use, just connect to a garden hose and spray. Kills & repels mosquitoes, fleas, ants, roaches, cinch bugs, grubs, scorpions & other pests. No harm to bees, butterflies, beneficial insects or amphibians. Use for lawns, kennels, patios & landscaping.  Safe to use around kids and pets. Pleasant aroma.

Wondercide's Yard & Garden provides natural lawn and garden pest control with a Chemical Free, Cedar Oil Solution. It was specially formulated for prevention & treatment of common insects. This product enjoys water so periodic rains will enhance performance. Adult pests, insect larvae & eggs will dissolve with this biological control. Enjoy a green yard or the best garden you've ever grown with organic pesticides. Yard & Garden is designed for immediate insect control when used for outdoor treatments.  A great, all in one, insect control spray. 

Wondercide's Yard & Garden formulation of Cedar Oil and Ethyl Lactate (corn oil by product) dissolves the insect, egg and larvae stages. The powerful aroma of Cedar creates a barrier of re-entry, making the treated area off limits to any flying or crawling pest. The aroma of cedar to insects is like that of ammonia to humans. All insects breathe through their bodies and close their breathing pores when they detect the aroma of cedar. It causes a flight response. If they can't evacuate the area, they suffocate themselves trying and die.  32 oz bottles treats 5.000 sq ft.  Made in the USA.

Ingredients:  Active: 22.5% cedar oil.  Inert: 2.5% Ethyl Lactate, 75% water.  Contains no pyrethrins or synthetic chemicals.