No Flea Carpet Crystals

No Flea Carpet Crystals


The primary ingredient in this product is the mineral boric acid.  Boric acid is far less toxic than the petro-chemical based pesticides commonly used to kill fleas.  This odorless powder works by drying out and killing the larval stage of the flea so that it never reaches the adult stage.  Because this does not kill the adult flea it will take a few weeks to notice results, but the powder remains effective as long as product remains dry and accessible to insects.  We recommend using Wondercide's BioDefense to kill those pesky adult fleas!

To use, sprinkle the powder over your carpet and under furniture cushions, then work in with a broom or brush.  It can also be swept into crevices such as baseboards.

Cautions:  Do NOT use directly on your pet!  Avoid getting into eyes or breathing in powder.
Wash hands thoroughly after use.

Ingredients:  Boric Acid (H3BO3) - 99%, Inert ingredients - 1 %.