After playing with your pet, or perhaps after cleaning up an "accident", you will need a good soap to wash up with!  Introducing Yappy Corgi Handcrafted Soap!  All natural and made right here in my own kitchen!  Why "Yappy Corgi"?  While trying to come up with a good name for my new line of soap I was having a difficult time concentrating because my Corgi, Baron, wouldn't stop yapping!  And so Yappy Corgi Handcrafted soap was born! 

There are no artificial ingredients or fragrances used in this soap. In fact many of the ingredients are food quality!  There is olive oil and coconut oil, and herbs from my own garden. I source several of my ingredients locally, such as milk from Stryk's Dairy, ltallow sourced from Bedias Creek Farms, and honey from Bee Wilde or from Stroope Farms..  The soap is scented with essential oils and is colored with clays, charcoal or botanical ingredients such as spirulina or indigo. 

Many companies who produce their own handcrafted soaps use a basic formula and just change the scents or colorants, but where's the fun in that?  I like to experiment with different recipes, and because of that my offerings will vary.  Most of my soaps will have some sort of animal based ingredient because those are the ingredients that produce the creamiest, richest lather, but I do have some varieties that are vegan.  I am also open to suggestions, because like I mentioned before, I like to try new things!

Many people look for soaps that do not contain lye, also known as sodium hydroxide.  Technically, no soap contains lye, but they are ALL made with lye.  Lye is a necessary ingredient for saponification, a chemical process that happens when lye is mixed with fats, turning those fats and lye into soap.  So while sodium hydroxide (aka lye) is listed as an ingredient on all of my soaps, the process of saponification turned the lye into soap and there is no sodium hydroxide left in the soap.

Since these bars are handcrafted, no two will be exactly the same size or color.  The size is roughly 4 oz., some will weigh more, some less. A few things to keep in mind with natural soaps is that they will not last forever in storage like the bars purchased in the grocery store that are full of synthetic ingredients.  When not being used they should be stored in a cool, dry place to extend their life. There are no artificial preservatives, but I do use rosemary extract as a natural preservative.  The soaps should last about a year or so.

Frozen Raw diets ARE NOT available for shipping, but can be picked up from our shop or, for a fee, delivered in the Houston, TX area.  As we are a family run business, please call 281-568-1522 before visiting our store to ensure we are not out making a delivery, we would hate to miss you!

You may also call us to special order frozen products that we don't normally keep in stock.  Brands include Bravo, Northwest Naturals, Nature's Variety, Small Batch, Stella & Chewy's, Steve's Real Food, Bones & Co., Nature's Logic, Rad Cat, K9 Naturals, My Perfect Pet, & Vital Essentials.   We can also order Honest Kitchen, a dried food that can be re-hydrated.  Orders Placed on Thursday are usually received the following Monday.


Barfer Shoppe
Raw Diet Price List



Bravo! Beef Blend, 5 lb chub


Bravo! Beef Blend Burgers, pkg. of ten 8 oz. burgers


Bravo! Beef Balance Burgers, pkg. of twelve 4 oz. burgers


Bravo! Chicken Blend, 5 lb chub


Bravo! Chicken Blend Burgers, pkg. of ten 8 oz. burgers


Bravo! Chicken Balance Burgers, pkg. of twelve 4 oz. burgers


Bravo! Turkey Blend, 5 lb chub


Bravo! Turkey Blend Burgers, pkg. of ten 8 oz. burgers


Bravo! Turkey Balance Burgers, pkg. of twelve 4 oz. burgers


NW Naturals Bison/Beef Nuggets, 6 lb. bag


NW Naturals Chicken/Salmon Nuggets, 6 lb. bag


NW Naturals Turkey Nuggets, 6 lb. bag


NW Naturals White Fish Nuggets, 6 lb. bag



- Prices subject to change without notice -

It doesn't take a scientist to make a nutritious pet food!

Why feed scientifically formulated pet foods when you can feed your pet REAL food chock full of REAL nutrients balanced as nature intended? Looking at the ingredients on a bag of kibble you will notice a long list with a lot of long, difficult to pronounce ingredients. This is because many of the original nutrients have been processed out of the food and now it takes a scientist to try to add them back in, often substituting synthetic nutrients for the real thing. This isn't an issue when you feed real food!



It doesn't make sense to feed a carnivore grains!

Cats, dogs and ferrets are carnivores, they have a short, acidic digestive system that is designed for digesting meat. Because of this, carnivores have a difficult time absorbing the nutrients they need from a grain-based diet which can lead to numerous health issues such as:

Hot Spots Dry Coats Ear Infections Digestive Disorders
Achy Joints Lethargy Inflammation Immune Issues


Healthy, wholesome, REAL food for your pet!

You can eliminate many health issues by feeding your pet a species appropriate, raw meat diet. The Barfer Shoppe carries a wide assortment of pre-made diets with the proper balance of raw meat, organs, ground bone and veggies. And because these diets are made with minimally processed REAL food, they are naturally chock full of vitamins, minerals, enzymes & amino acids. All of our raw diets are produced in the USA in USDA inspected plants and must meet the same strict standards as food produced for human consumption!



Don't feed your pet junk food for treats!

Don't ruin your pets' healthy diet by giving him treats that are loaded with grains, high fructose corn syrup, artificial preservatives, flavorings and dyes. The Barfer Shoppe carries a large variety of wholesome treats that your pet will go wild for!  In fact, many of our treats contain 95% or more real meat!