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My name is Susan and my family and I run the Barfer Shoppe.  We take great pride in our business and strongly believe in the products that we sell.  We have 4 dogs, all rescues, and they get to test out our products.  If they don't like it, we don't sell it!

I have 7 years of experience as a Veterinarian Technician, and my husband and I have 20+ years of experience training and showing dogs.  We have shown Pembroke Welsh Corgis in Confirmation, and have competed in Agility.  We currently compete in Flyball, and our children help train and run our dogs in this exciting sport! 

Our introduction to feeding our pets a raw diet started with our dog Henry. Henry was always a very happy, friendly dog, not only did he wag his tail, he wagged his whole body!  Henry enjoyed competing in Flyball until he was 7 years of age.  Suddenly Henry lost his enthusiasm for what had been one of his favorite pastimes, and had  become lethargic at home.  If the kids even touched him, he would growl and snap at them!  This was very much out of character for Henry.

 I took Henry to our regular Veterinarian who did a thorough exam and blood work and could find nothing wrong with him.  A friend talked me into taking Henry to her holistic Veterinarian who also did a thorough exam and looked at the blood work that my Vet had recently done.  While she agreed that Henry's blood counts were in the normal range, she noted that most of them were in the low range of normal.  She also found that Henry's vital signs were OK, but not as strong as they should be for a healthy 7 year old dog.  This  Vet felt that Henry wasn't getting enough nutrients from his diet and talked me into trying a raw diet.  

At the time we were feeding a super premium kibble, and I was pretty skeptical about this raw diet stuff, but being at a loss for any other solution, I decided to give it a try.  We were amazed  when after just 3 weeks on his new diet Henry was back to his old, happy- go- lucky self!   After 2 months on his new diet we were absolutely astounded when Henry set a new speed record for himself in Flyball!  That's right, Henry was running faster times at the age of 7 than he was running at the age of 2!  Henry continued to compete in Flyball until he was 13 1/2 years old and had earned 40,000 points and the title of Flyball Dog Grand Champion!  Henry lived to be nearly 17 years old.

All of our dogs have benefited from eating raw.  Their coats are healthier and they shed less.  We seldom have problems with fleas and haven't seen a "hot spot" since switching to raw.  While being kibble-fed, all of our dogs retired from performance sports by the age of 10.  Since feeding raw, 2 of our dogs retired from Flyball at the age of 13 1/2, and a third dog retired at 14 years of age.

We are committed to helping others improve and maintain the health of their cats and dogs by feeding them the food that they were meant to eat, and we are happy to answer any questions that you may have!

Raw meat, it's not just what they crave, it's what they need!